Hart is the home to versatile Ibizan Hounds that excel in the conformation ring, are fierce competitors in the field, and entertain at home with comedic charisma.  Health of the Ibizan hound lines that I raise is of the utmost importance for the present, as well as for future generations at Hart. My hounds undergo the gold standard in health testing and all results are registered with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals in order to promote transparency. I am also proud of the hounds at Hart for being true socialites with bombproof temperaments and gregarious personalities. I cannot imagine a home without my Ibizan Hounds. 



Pronunciation: /härt/     Origin: Old English heorotheort, of Germanic origin

Definition. red deer 

"the most noblest and most worthiest beast...the most stateliest beast in his gate that doth go upon the earth for he doth carry a majesty in his countenance and gate"   J. Manwood


The Ibizan Hound garners its name from the Balearic Island of Ibiza off the coast of Spain. This breed's ancestors were hunting companions to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt before being brought to Ibiza by Phoenician traders. The Ibizan Hound gained recognition by the American Kennel Club in 1978. The Ibizan hound is classified in the United States as a sighthound; however, Ibizans are resourceful hunters, utilizing hearing, sight and scent to catch their quarry. This lithe and racy hound is known for its athleticism, agility, endurance, and ability to jump over six feet in the air from a standstill. Ibizan hounds are intelligent, independent-thinkers with fun-loving and affectionate personalities. The statuesque body of the Ibizan stand 22.5 to 27.5 inches at the shoulder, with flowing lines and moderate angulation. Coat colors include white or red or any patterned combination of red and white; the eyes are amber to caramel colored with a captivating gaze. The Ibizan hound’s signature rhomboid ears are highly mobile and contribute to the enchanting, deer-like appearance. 


The hound scans the field with a piercing predatory gaze. Ears turn independently, detecting the slightest vibrations in the air. The nose twitches to one side. The white-tipped tail begins to whip vigorously.  Tendons tighten almost imperceptibly as the muscles become taut with anticipation. Then, the Ibizan hound's explosive strength propels her high into the air, gravity melts away, and the hound hangs high above the brush. Touching down for but a second before blasting once again into the stratosphere. Bounding, bouncing, sprinting with long outstretched limbs, suddenly switch direction, dash, dart, dive and delightedly seize the prey.  The vibrant amber eyes sparkle with a mischievous glance and it becomes obvious that the hunt for game is the game.